When she’s not busy studying Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Becca dedicates her free time to her love for craft beers. Luckily she shares her love for beer with her 5000+ fans on Instagram using the handle a.girl.rates.beer

The love for craft beer wasn’t always there for Becca. It was only three years ago, that Becca’s fiancé introduced her to the world of craft beer. She didn’t just dive in either; her fascination for beer grew organically as she navigated through low IBU beers and then transitioned into the more complex double IPA varieties and the saisons, which have become her amongst her favorites. Saisons are known for being light, with a touch of spice and can literally be paired with any meal – because of the wide array of saison flavor profiles.

The love saisons alone can be a reason to start an Instagram to share your passion with others; but that wasn’t exactly the case. With the Midwest being such a large hub for microbreweries with easy access to craft beer enthusiasts, Becca had experienced countless beers and breweries and noticed an interesting dilemma – her phone was filling up with pictures, and she had no avenue to distribute.

Thus, a.girl.rates.beer was born. An obvious solution to having so many photos and thoughts about beer would be to simply post on the personal Instagram account, but Becca didn’t want to bombard her friends with beer pics and commentary. No worries though, her account dedicated to craft beer and breweries has over five thousand followers and counting.

After visiting over 50 breweries, around Illinois and Michigan (and some parts of Denver and Seattle), Becca calls Half Acre and Arbor Brewing as her top faves. Half Acre gets the slight edge, because if she were to be left with only one beer to drink, it would be Half Acre’s LA Looks.

Make sure you give @a.girl.rates.beer a follow on Instagram and join Becca on her brewery adventures – I promise you’ll learn a thing or two about craft beer that may not have known before.