COVID-19 Virus. Courtesy of the CDC.

We all understand the importance of public shutdown, and the necessary steps to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The actions taken by Governor JB Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lighfoot were for the greater good of our public safety.

With that being understood, this page will serve as a constantly-updated-resource for ways the Chicago dining community can rally behind the restaurant closures and help keep these wonderful establishes afloat. Scroll all the way down to skip to resource links for delivery/take-out information. Industry folk, scroll even further for resources for you.

Immediate Ways You Can Help

Purchase gift cards to your favorite restaurants. Many restaurants are offering their gift cards online, while others have offered to ship the gift cards directly to you. I would especially recommend this if you had a reservation scheduled for sometime within the next month and it has been canceled.

Though you cannot dine out for the rest of the month (and maybe even beyond that), you can still order take-out and delivery. Uber Eats, Grubhub, and others are offering free delivery through their apps. Please utilize this service

TIP TIP TIP – Spread the love, spread the wealth. You are going to be dining out a lot less these next few weeks, so consider tipping heavy; the servers, chefs, and staff need it. While you are picking up your take-out order, let them know you care.

Post/Share/Hashtag – Whatever you do, make sure the world knows. Post and help influence others to follow your lead!

Links For Restaurant Delivery/Take-Out Deals

Dining at a distance is a fantastic website that utilizes an aggregator to provide information about which restaurants are open and providing delivery/pick-up/curbside/take-out/gift card/etc. Any restaurant may submit themselves into the aggregate search as well.

The Trotter Project is providing updates about policies and regulations and is also a resource for delivery and take out.

Interested in a dining bond? You can buy one right here. It’s like a savings bond, you spend a certain amount for a dining bond, to be redeemed at a greater value later. Most restaurants on this list are nationwide, with a few Chicago joints in the mix

Chicago Hospitality United is donating 100% of their proceeds from CHU merch to hourly Chicago workers. Buy a shirt or two (or three).

Resources For The Industry

Bartenders assistance and relief from the USBG. You do not have to be a member to apply for assistance, but you must prove you are a bartender that has been impacted by closures and mandates.

COVID-19 Illinois Impact survey The state of Illinois needs to know how restaurants were impacted, and this information may help with the delegation of relief funds. Please fill this out if you are a Chef/Owner/Operator.

Illinois Restaurant Association is providing updates for restaurants.


-Jaison Chahwala BSN, CCM.
Lover of food, discoverer of cultures.