The Randolph Street Market Festival is such an enjoyable place. With over 300 vendors from all over the Midwest coming in to provide shoppers with the best vintage, art, and designer goods, it will be difficult for any shopper to not find something to like. Along with random global goods and rarities, there’s live music and a variety of food and drinks for treasure hunters to explore.

I was presented with an opportunity to take part in this year’s Editors + Designers Choice for Charity that took place on September 23rd, 2017. I was asked to explore the market and pick out some of my favorite items and my favorite booths. Alongside making selections and handing out ribbons to various vendors, the Randolph Street Market Festival would also donate to the Chicago Children’s Charity on behalf of Taste With Jais. Everyone wins.

One of the first items in the market to catch my eye was the Chicago White Sox wooden flag display. It was aesthetically pleasing and very clean looking. It was designed and built by Edgar Flores of Madera Wood Décor.

Another item I appreciated was the Beard Bandit. Effective beard oil is essential for the softest beard. My facial hair grows in rather quickly, and I often use beard oil to soften the grain and skin – allowing the beard to grow in cleanly without irritating my skin. I nominated Ian and Christos of Beard Bandit as a runner-up for best vendor.

I hate cheesecake. The dense creaminess and rich cream cheese flavor just isn’t for me. It is not my choice of dessert. That was until I took a bite of the homemade Chicago cheesecake by Schweet. The cheesecake isn’t as dense and has a tolerable creaminess, compared to your conventional cheesecakes. For that, I also gave Schweet’s a runner-up ribbon. It’s probably the only cheesecake I’ll ever eat.

Hands down, the winner of my Best In Show ribbon was the Rand Rosenthal Design Group vendor. Pieces from this vendor are a perfect blend of vintage design with modern ideas. The pieces reminded me of all the furniture and decorative things you’d see at Restoration Hardware.

Considering this was an entry that had little to do with food, it was important for Taste With Jais to be involved because it benefitted the Chicago Children’s Charity.

Special thanks to Carloyn of Boldface Co and Sally Schwartz, owner and producer of the Randolph St. Market Festival.