Ah, yes. Valentine’s Day is upon us. Good luck making a reservation at any of your favorite places; it’s going to be packed with rookie diners. It’s one of those times of the year you hear that appropriate screech, “omg, he’s taking me to the city tonight!”

Yeah, it’s the usual. Long drive into the city, dinner, movie, late night drinks, and then maybe an overpriced hotel stay or a disastrously wobbly drive home. Hopefully in that order, but often times not.

Somewhere in between eating your heart-shaped-whatever-it-is and checking text messages during Another 50 Shades of Grey’s Anatomy, do you ever think yourself, “Am I too good for this?”

Yes. The answer is yes. You’ve always been too good for this. If you’re a visitor of Taste with Jais, you are better than this type of night out – sorry middle class fancy, what you call Valentine’s Day, we call “Thursday”.

There comes a time in your dining life when you realize that any other night can be like Valentine’s Day if you want it to be. Eat your favorite restaurant or somewhere extra fancy literally any other time of the year. The movie theater plays movies ALL THE TIME, go any other time.

You know what you should do for the sake of your sanity and ensuring you have a nice time; stay home. Make dinner at home, make memories, save money and watch *insert streaming device here*. Please don’t tell me heart-shaped steaks and red-colored desserts impress you.

You can have romance any other night.